Easy Meditation
Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime. Contrary to some beliefs, it is not “turning off the mind”. The mind is a powerful tool and it will not cease activity as long as we are living humans.

Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime. Contrary to some beliefs, it is not “turning off the mind”. The mind is a powerful tool and it will not cease activity as long as we are living humans. Thoughts are completely normal but the goal is to ‘quiet’ the mind and focus on a specific thing. For example, in smiling meditation, Dr. always says “Smile at the baby” think of a baby smiling at you and naturally you will smile back. Today Dr. led the group to focus on specific body parts in sequence with the principles of Progressive Body Awareness, a non-pharmacological method of deep relaxation. You can attempt this at home as well! First, let us explain the basic and most frequently asked meditation questions:

What is Meditation?

Meditation is getting in touch with your inner self or your essence through a cultivated and discipline practice of silence and self-observation.

Why should we Meditate?

Meditation calms the mind, heals the body, and reconnects you to your real essence. Your real essence is often neglected out of ignorance or these days, busy-ness. Meditation can help to control:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Fear of Old Age
  • Fear of Death
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Stress
  • and More!

How can we Meditate?

Meditating is a very simple exercise of focusing and refocusing your mind using different techniques such as:

  • Focusing on and following your breath ‘in and out’
  • Repeating mantras as in a short prayer, word, sentences, or group of sentences
  • moving rhythmically

When Can we meditate?

A great time to meditate is anytime you feel the need to reconnect with your essence! Any time you have available to practice take that time, it can be

  • upon awakening
  • before bedtime
  • after exercising

Where Can We Meditate?

Meditation can be done anywhere you feel comfortable!

  • In nature or outdoors there is enhancement of the process
  • dedicate a location in your house – decorate or keep this location pleasant with uplifting images to add benefit

How long Should We Meditate?

In the beginning, meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes. As time goes on, you will comfortable and naturally flow into longer sessions.

Regular Meditation:

It is important to cultivate the habit of regularly meditating. This is the hardest part of meditation! Meditation is like any other exercise that requires practice, practice, and more practice. Just like other exercises, you will build meditation ‘muscles’ and endurance through practice. Also, like any new habit, begin by meditating twice a day for 21 consecutive days. After these 21 days should you miss a day, you will find yourself missing and craving the experience of meditation.

The ever wandering mind thinks! All the time! That is the main design of the mind: to think. Let your mind think and you watch but let the thoughts go by without being attached to them. Bring your thoughts back to your breath, mantra, or chosen mode of refocusing the mind. Be kind and be patient with yourself. Don’t give up. Just be present

The 3 minute Power Smiling in Easy Meditation

  • Take a comfortable position
  • Sit down on a chair or lie down. The lotus position is fine, if it is comfortable for you.
  • Try to focus your eyes on the tip of your nose
  • Close your eyes gently and generate a genuine smile
  • If you have a hard time generating a smile, visualize a smiling or happy baby you know. It may even be a loved pet or family member that you picture smiling
  • Allow yourself to be drawn into the feeling of the smile completely. Truly enjoy your feeling generated by this interaction
  • Direct your attention to your nostrils again
  • Focus your attention on your incoming and outgoing breath
  • If you prefer to use a mantra, repeat your chosen mantra in your mind
  • If your mind wanders, bring it back gently by genuinely smiling at the baby and continuing to follow your breath
  • In time, your mind will stop distracting your restful state
  • Your breath and/or mantra will naturally create a break in the stream of your thoughts. Be Patient with yourself and the process.
  • Deepen the restful state by continuing to smile and following your breath and/or repeating your mantra.
  • I wish your mind stillness and peace so that you may discover and know your true self!!

Easy Meditation

Apr 13, 2020