Meditation Programs

Meditation involves many different techniques for self-centering and being mindful. Beyond mindfulness, meditation can be a way to access the various levels of the human mind for healing and creativity. We have programs for training our patients and the community who may be interested in learning these various techniques for self-improvement. The techniques have progressive levels of skills and proficiency. All of them are easy to master but require dedication and practice to derive maximum benefits.

Easy Meditation

Simple technique for self-centering to achieve mind-body wellness. A very simple exercise that requires for the participant to sit still for 5 to 15 minutes twice a day and repeating a chosen mantra. A mantra is a word that may or may not have any particular meaning but has neurophysiologic effects that are measurable. This process yields a lot of benefits for the practitioner compared to the amount of time spent in meditation. After some practice, over a period of time, the practitioners would feel uncomfortable or un-centered if they do not meditate on a daily basis. This is a signal that the practitioner can claim ownership of this gift and skill for as long as it is regularly practiced.

Creative Meditation

A mind-spirit approach to creating your life realities through the art of meditation, just like an architect draws the plans for a grand structure before it takes 3-dimensional shape.

Transformational Meditation

An advanced meditative technique that takes the practitioner to the edge of sleep and wakefulness. This allows for more in-depth access to the recesses of the mind; where one can make remarkable changes in ones personality, mind, body, and spirit.