Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging medicine is another modality at Family Medicine and Wellness Center. It is predicated on sound scientific principles that encourage the application of advanced medical technologies in the early detection, prevention, and therapies; to reverse or control age-related bodily dysfunction, diseases and disorders. The treatment and protocols focus on wellness and human life extension for a productive life at all ages. In our clinic we perform extensive physical, laboratory, and diagnostic evaluations to determine what deficiencies exists in each individual. This includes the various disease states that may be present in these patients. After identifying any medical issues, we diligently proceed to help the patient correct the imbalance that may be associated with the disease or health challenges. Once the problems are taken care of, we begin to safely replenish the patient to achieve a more youthful and healthy body.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The effects of aging is reflected in the skin just like everywhere else in the body, depending on how well the individual lived and how much stress was generated by his or her lifestyle. Here at the center, we approach aging skin from the inside out. We use mindfulness exercises, nutrition, nutraceuticals, and topical agents to enhance the quality of the aging skin of our clients. In some instances, we use mesotherapy, biopuncture, and other procedures to re-capture youthfulness as much as possible- usually with good results!